Frequently Asked Questions

Well, it’s about being creative with photography, while enjoying the city. Whenever we observe tourists visiting a city most of them take similar photos. They cross a corner, see a beautiful building, point their phone or camera and….click! In general, they take the easiest photo without trying to make a better or different one. (Ok, maybe you already tried to be creative sometimes, but you get our point). And in our opinion that’s a pity. Because with just a few simple tips & tricks you can make more creative and more original photos. That’s what this is all about…

No, if you are looking for a ‘classic’ walking tour where you learn about the history and culture, then this is not for you. Our tour does bring you to some nice parts of the city and you will pass interesting and historic places. But we don’t tell you about the history or the years it took to build. We use these places as a starting point for your photography, as a background or subject for your creative photos.

Not really. Well, a little bit. Not a technical one though. We firmly believe that everybody can take creative and surprising photos. It’s not about shutter speeds or aperture numbers. It’s about looking in a different way and choosing a different perspective. In just a few hours we will give you some tips and inspiration for exactly that. And you can do this with any device that can take photos. No expensive cameras or experience needed!

Whenever we told people about this concept, one of the first remarks was “you should develop a mobile app for this”. But the off-line experience and paper products have been part of the concept from the beginning. We really want to give you a ‘retro’ experience of holding an actual map to find your way. Also, many people use their phones to take the photos and switching between the camera and another application would be far from ideal. So you can physically hold the map and photo challenge cards and share them with your friends or family, making it a very social experience. (And yes, of course we use recycled paper for all of our products!)

Did you miss the ‘about us’ part on the website? Never mind. We are a small team of enthusiastic travelers and photographers, led by a Dutch couple that moved to Spain in 2014. We have been working in the aviation industry, tourism and have extensive experience with video and photography workshops and courses. We have combined many of our professions and interests into Not A Treasure Hunt.

Well, basically for everyone who wants to enjoy the city with a slightly different view. By yourself, as a couple, a family or group of friends. We recommend one package for a maximum of 5 people. So if you are a group of 6, we advice you to order 2 packages. That way everyone can enjoy the experience of looking at the map and reading the photo challenges! For groups over 10 persons please get in touch with us. We have some special tours that we can organize for larger groups as well!

For the majority of the way, yes. But part of it goes through the old part of Málaga or Nerja with narrow alleys and cobblestone streets. Not too comfortable in a wheelchair or with a baby stroller. If you want to do the tour with limited mobility, please get in touch with us and we can advice you which detours to take, based on your specific circumstances.

To be honest, it was a working title. A few years ago all these ‘treasure hunts’ popped up in cities. For teambuilding purposes or as a group activity and always with a mobile application. When we started thinking about a photo experience, we wanted to take the good things of such an experience (fun, group activity, creative et cetera) but said to each other “but it’s not a treasure hunt”. So we started to call it the ‘Not A Treasure Hunt’ project and after a while we started to like the teasing nature of the name. So we decided to keep our working title and we’re still very happy with that decision!

We have two options. We can send it to your home address but that will take some time. So if you are planning ahead for your city trip to Málaga or Nerja and it will be at least 10 days before you leave, we can send it to you. The package is light and small and can easily fit in your bag or suitcase.

If you are visiting Málaga or Nerja within 10 days of ordering (or you are already here!?) we advice you to choose the option to pick it up in the city. After ordering you will receive the details of the pickup location.

Yes, one last thing from our side. A city is a living organism, always in motion. Things change, events are organized and people can simply do things spontaneously. So although we have checked our route extensively and we keep an eye on events and ‘obstacles’ along the way, there can be a part of the route that is simply not accessible. The photo challenges are clearly marked on the map and we hope you will be able to take a detour by yourself if necessary. Please advise us about any strange things blocking your way or any updates that can help future participants.

Basically, yes. Of course we can put up more pages and information. But if you have any other questions than the ones above, just send us an email. And we’ll be happy to answer your question!