Not A Treasure Hunt is a fun (and new!) photography experience that uses beautiful Andalusian cities as its background.

You will have a nice 2 to 3 hour walk at your own pace, discovering the city from different angles.
During this walk you will receive several photo challenges, teaching you how to take inspiring and creative photos.

The perfect city experience for you and your fellow travelers!

You can take photos like these too!

When you order our package you will receive an envelope containing instructions, a beautiful map of the city and photo challenges.

The photography challenges are created by professional photographers with great admiration for the Andalusian cities. Their tips and ideas will inspire you to create city photos like you’ve never done before!

You do NOT need any photography experience. Just take out your phone or camera and we’ll take it from there.

The Experience

Not A Treasure Hunt is all about fun and creativity.

We challenge you to view the city in a different way (Look up!! Go closer! Yes…even closer!!). Our map takes you to surprising and picturesque locations. On these locations you will take photos, using our photo challenge cards. Take your time, follow the instructions and also try a few variations or ideas of your own. You will notice how quickly you can achieve a surprising result!

You can do the experience by yourself, as a couple, a family or with as many people as you want. However, we recommend one package for a maximum of 5 people. So if you are a group of 6, we advice you to order 2 packages. That way everyone can enjoy the experience of looking at the map and reading the photo challenges!

We can send the package to your home address (it’s small and light so easily fits in your suitcase!) or you can pick it up at one of our pickup locations.


A detailed map with directions will guide you through the city.


Learn how to look at objects and buildings in a more creative way.


Our photography challenges will make you take original photos from different perspectives.


Select your best photos and share them on social media. Use #notatreasurehunt so we can see your results!

About us

We are Kassandra and Jeroen, a Dutch couple living in Spain since 2014 with our two kids. We moved to a small village on the coast, about 45 minutes from Málaga. Our small town is a paradise, but – having lived in cities before – sometimes we miss the facilities and vibes of a big city. And then… we visit Málaga! To go shopping, visit a theatre, go to a cinema or work in a co-working space, anything that our village doesn’t have. Over the years we have really become attached to Málaga and with each visit our love for the city still grows. It’s a very laidback and impressive city.

Jeroen has over 25 years of experience as a filmmaker and photographer and has organized many workshops and courses. Kassandra has been working in the travel industry and this project combines both our experiences and interests. Even though it is our project, we’ve had help and inspiration from several colleagues, friends and interns. So we can’t go without mentioning Merle, Sifra, Joost and Martin who have all helped us shaping this project to what it is now!

Some facts about #notatreasurehunt

2.5 km

is the length of the route

2 - 3 hours

is the duration of the tour

1 to 5 people

is the ideal group size per package



(one package is for 1 to 5 persons)

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