Welcome to Not A Treasure Hunt Málaga

A city is a living organism and always in motion. Even though we tested our route extensively sometimes things change or pop up that make it difficult for you to pass at a certain point.

At the moment there is an obstacle, right at the beginning of your tour. As soon as you leave the Plaza de la Constitución and enter the alley through the arch, it might be that the second part of the alley is closed due to construction works.
If so, you can easily walk a small detour around the block as you can see on the image.
Also, you will notice many Christmas decorations everywhere. This give a beautiful December vibe to the city and your photos. At the location of Challenge number 4, you will find stalls of a Christmas market. To do this challenge its is wise to walk away from the Christmas market, to the empty part of this ‘paseo’. Here you can still execute the challenge.

Enjoy your tour!